How to Celebrate Holi in Your Office

Holi festival

Holi, One of the main festival of the Hindus in India, as it’s the biggest occasion so everyone Indian celebrate it weather its Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs etc. mainly its a festival of colors, but there is a different factor too. In the different part of the country, people celebrate in a different way for instance in Rajasthan people celebrate lath mar Holi, People celebrate it as Phaguwa Holi in Bihar etc.

But now corporate also celebrate holi in the offices, its because of to maintain the work environment & to give a lesson to work as a team.

Now let’s discuss how you can celebrate Holi in office.

Decore The work Place:-

Its starts with the office Decoration, Decoration always takes too many time so make sure before decoration do plan a quick decoration theme. Once a theme planned then make a budget for the decoration. For decoration rangoli also play a vital role for any festival in India specially southern part of the country.

Distribute sweets:-

Yes sweets, without sweet how a festival can be complete in India because sweets carry a different value here, generally people believe, to complete a task in a proper way sweets play very vital role. Its might be a Superstition but still people believe it because it belongs to our great culture and from the years its carry on.

Organise Some activity:-

Corporate also organise some activity, employee get participate in that and enjoy the holi. The main purpuse to organise any activity is to get together of the employee. For every organisation employee is the asset and company know the importance of the every employee of the company so they want their employee contribute as a team and this activity always the best way to give a lesson of a team.

Enjoy with colours:-

How can a Holi complete without colors, if possible use a colour which don’t carry any chemical or a pure natural colours but if not so enjoy with colours very carefully because it can harm your eyes and skin.

Maintain the professionalism:-

A work place called as a temple where you learn professionalism and different other skills. So it’s very important to maintain the dignity of the professionalism. And don’t forget that you have to go to work after holi again at the same place.


Holi festival of colours and also known as indian color festival. So I wish you also a very Happy Holi to all of the readers and I hope you will educate the people to save the water and be careful with the colors.

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